#6 World of USO – Code Refactoring and Social Login


I’ve been working on some improvements and a couple of bugs since the last blog post.

I didn’t like the fact that Google was not working as a social login provider. It was raising a weird ‘Permission Denied’ exception after the user clicked the ‘Accept’ button for granting permission. Andrei Preda, my colleague from WHC project, pointed me out that I should look over the app settings in Google API Console. Indeed, the problem was that none of the available Google APIs were enabled. All I had to do was mark the Google+ API as active.

After fixing that issue, I came across an unpleasant bug. The player did not receive the initial points and gold if he used the social login feature. This was caused by the fact that the ‘user_login’ view, which handles the usual login mechanism, sent an ‘addActivity’ signal. The receiver connected to that signal was responsible for granting the points and gold. However, the ‘user_login’ view wasn’t called when using the social login, therefore, no signal was sent. I decided to remove the ‘addActivity’ signal and use Django’s built-in ‘user_logged_in’ signal, since both mechanisms were sending it after a successful login.

Another issue I came across was that the ‘magic disable’ button was not working as intended. It was merely removing the ‘cast’ button from the player’s profile page. But one could still cast spells if he went to the URL responsible for spell casting.

Finally, I have used signals and receivers to refactor two methods from god.py (post_cast and post_expire).

ROSEdu Summer of Code has come to an end. It was a great experience for me and if I were to choose I’d do it all over again. I’ve learned a lot of new useful things, including the required soft skills for working in a team project. I am highly indebted to my mentor Alex and the entire RSoC community for supporting me. Thank you!

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