WHC::IDE #4 – Editor

Hello readers! This time I’ve been working on improving the editor. My goal is to add some basic code editing features and fix the broken ones.

I am trying to integrate kate, the kde editor, into WHC::IDE, but there are some problems that (I think) are caused by my system having both qt4 and qt5 installed. There appears to be a conflict. For some reason, the compiler chooses qt5, but the cmake files specify that qt4 is to be used.

While struggling with kate, I took some time with improving the current editor. This way I have two options in case one of them fails. I’ve added bracket matching, fixed the highlighting and made the options relevant. One of the biggest problems was the options system that would not load when opening the editor. This made it useless. I am happy with the results and very soon we will also have autoindent.

Except from the editor, I also fixed a bug caused by connecting two data diagrams. Data diagrams contain, as suggested by their name, only data files that await to be processed by a task or are the output of a task. The IDE didn’t know what to do when two data diagrams were connected and this caused problems with the execution.

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