#5 World of USO – Code Refactoring

Hi again,

Over the past two weeks I focused on refactoring views that were using a workaround for passing success and error messages to the next view. They were rendering the template with two additional context variables (‘message’ and ‘error’), leaving the template responsible for displaying those messages.

However, Django provides an easy way of achieving such functionality, through its django.contrib.messages module. After a quick scan of the code base I have found a function called ‘do_result’ in the challenge module, which was responsible for creating and passing those two extra variables to a certain template. Alex encouraged me to delete it and use the Django messages framework followed by a redirect to the challenges’ homepage, whenever the ‘do_result’ function was called.

While I was working at refactoring a view from the magic module which did not use the messages framework, I stumbled upon a weird issue which needs further investigation. I tried to turn some points into gold using the exchange feature. Unfortunately, after hitting the ‘exchange’ button, I ended up with a negative amount of gold.

I have also improved the social login feature by making it pluggable. It is as easy as setting SOCIAL_AUTH_ENABLED to ‘True’ or ‘False in settings.py to activate or deactivate social login. The tricky part was that I didn’t know how I could access a variable from settings.py in the templates. The solution was configuring an existent context processor to pass the needed value to the templates.

Don’t forget to check out this blog for more posts about this project!

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