Fortnightly Post #4.7: Long time, no post

Hi, there! It has been a while since I last posted. Time has swiftly passed and there were notable events galore. I have enjoyed my spare time that I planned from the start and now it’s time to get back to work.

Last time I talked about the “blueprints” for the tag page. Now, it is almost complete, but unfortunately, we might give it up. Why you may ask, well it’s because we haven’t yet decided which format the images will be. It depends on those that “draw” (better said, create) them. They might be svg or a section of a 3D model, in which case the drawer will also be the one to tag them. I am quite happy with my tag page as I learnt a gamut of technologies like: JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, (better) PHP, using plugins like jCrop and Select2.

Because the updates for the tag page have stalled, I now have to focus on the presentation part. I have to create a gallery for the forthcoming images and I have one plugin in my mind but it first needs approval. Till then…

Happy birthday DEX Online!

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