FinTP Application GUI #3

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On this third post for RSoC program, I will present you the user interface i am working at for FinTP project. If you read my last post you should know by now that in order to configurate FinTP you have to write XML configuration files for all the connectors parts of the application.

Here is an example of a possible XML file for a particular connector.

There are some mappings for the interface, every sectionGroup in XML goes to a separate tab in UI and all its child tags goes on tab’s page as elements which can be labels, fields, drop-down menus, etc.

The purpose of this application is to read the Xml file and create the interface for it. You can then modify fields and update the current Xml or write a new one.

Until now this is how it looks. I’m using QDomDocument which is a DOM parser, while it parse the xml file it populates the UI with Qt widgets. Depending on a tag’s name, its attributes or inner text can become combo-boxes, line edits or labels.

I have also added a menu for this interface where user can open another xml file, can save the interface into a new one or it can update the existing file. These function are still under work at this time, I have to learn more about Qt signals and slots mechanism.
Until next time I will try to fix them and add some new functionalities that my mentor told me, one of them is to use XSLT files to transform our xml files into something else.

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