#3 Teamshare – Further bug fixing and unit testing


In my fifth week, I had to deal with some bugs from my filesystem event simulator that I have worked on. I had a tough time dealing with a particular bug due to the fact that it was rather hard to detect. The bug was rather rare, occurring only after two copy operations, followed by two deletions of the same copied file/directory from the destination directory. The second delete operation could choose  a nonexistent file/directory due to a faulty check during the copy process, that led to overwriting by the system, but the list of contents of the destination directory contained two different files/directories.

I have mentioned in my previous post that I used cp, mv and rm commands for the operations. I believed that they worked on Windows, because I tested them on my Windows, but after testing it on another Windows I noticed they don’t. I have solved this bug by using the corresponding commands for Windows.

After solving all the bugs I started working with Java by writing small programs to better understand the language. I have also continued reading the existing code from Teamshare. I also performed unit testing with the help of the Python module pyunit. I have so far tested the user configuration file generator that I worked on in the first weeks.

I will continue unit testing for the the team configuration file generator and the filesystem event simulator.

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