Fortnightly Post #2.6: Tag me well!

The code review went well, there were some minor fixes that Cătălin Frâncu, my mentor, had to make. But now it’s stable, there are no more errors or warnings and everything seems right. I still have to add some comments to my code as I reckon that good implementation needs good documentation.

I’ve started writing the tag page and there are ideas galore. Some of them still need discussed because in my mind they’re somehow equivocal. Basically, on this page, there will be one of the images that need tagging. There will be some fields which the volunteer has to complete (e.g. the lexeme that is in the tag, the centre of the tag coordinates, the the centre of the pointed area coordinates) and this information will be stored in the database. Of course the most difficult part is to get the coordinates from the image. But fortunately, all of this work is done by plugin which is called jCrop. It lets users create a selection on an image and then it returns the coordinates (x, y) and the size (width, height) of it. With some JavaScript (which I have just started learning), I calculate the coordinates of the selection centre, which populate the input fields.Based on this coordinates we plan to draw the tags and pointing arrows on the image using HTML 5 <canvas> tag. I really enjoy this part of the project as it seamlessly combines server side and client side scripting.

That’s all for now and for a few days henceforth. I will indulge myself with a short vacation.

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