Mozilla Firefox – The Networking Dashboard. Week 4 and 5


Over the past two weeks a lot of things have happened. We had the first evaluation and also a big part of Networking Dashboard it’s almost at an end.

Let’s start with 4th week. Robert, Valentin and I met at the university were we continued working at dashboard and also talked about what we were supposed to do over the next┬ácoming weeks. Also we have prepared for the evaluation presentation by putting all the patches over the code, testing all functionalities and establishing what we were going to talk about.

About the presentation we were feeling pleased. Also it was pleasing to see all the other students talking about their projects. I really didn’t know so much until the actually evaluation was held. The aftermath beer and the discussions were good and interesting :)

The next few days that were left of the week Valentin and I decided what I should do next. Of course I had to implement the last diagnostic tool: Proxy Settings Test but what we also wanted to do is to move to the next part of the project – Tracing/Debugging. The main idea here was to implement Honza Bambas’s about:timeline add-on ( ). Unfortunately Honza had other plans with his work, but we weren’t discouraged by this. So, after this, we established that I should get working at proxy settings test diagnostic tool, help Valentin at an older patch that he had worked on – about logging ( Bug 801209 ) and also working some more at Javascript code for UI.

Last week I had only managed to implement Proxy Settings Test Diagnostic Tool – filed as Bug 898237; as DNS Lookup tool, the implementation isn’t ready for a review because I had to wait for Robert’s error bug to be accepted first, in order to use it’s functionality to complete both my diagnostic tool patches. The functionality of this tool was already tested and works at it supposed to do.

The implementation was by far the most interesting because I learnt so much. First of all, the only complain that my mentor had for me at first evaluation was that I wasn’t talking enough with people from Mozilla. So for this patch I decided to first ask them for help, and after talk to Valentin. Also, the implementation itself consists in modifying two .webidl files, one .idl file and some work in C++. This was the easiest part. The hard part was to search for the correct service, functions, headers and idl files.

At the end, as I already said, the tool is working beautifully. The code looks good. I can’t wait to show it at mid term.

Now, I have to start working at logging bug and ask people from Networking module for more functionalities that the Dashboard should have, and also get working at UI.

See you next post!

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