#2 Teamshare – Bug fixing and the event simulator


During the third week I have fixed a series of bugs from the user and team configuration file generators and I have started understanding the code behind Teamshare. This process is slow due to the fact that it is mainly written in Java, which is a new language to me, but basic knowledge of XML and Maven is also necessary. In spite of this, I am starting to understand how the code works and I feel I have learned quite a bit.

In the fourth week, besides continuing my code understanding, I started work on a script that simulates filesystem events. These events consist in creating, copying, deleting, moving, removing or renaming files and directories within a given directory. After solving a few problems with the copy event, all the other events were easy to implement and fix.

Using the python library shutil, on the event simulator, in order to perform the copy, move and remove actions, I encountered a rather annoying problem. After implementing the copy functions, I noticed that the program crashed everytime it should have copied a file or a folder. After inspecting the problem, I found out that the copytree function from shutil requires the destination folder must not already exist. After seeking a solution to the problem, I resorted to using os.system to run external commands (cp, mv, rm).

In the following weeks I will perform unit testing on the work I have done and review my event simulator for bugs and improvements.

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