Fortnightly Post #2: Manage file with style!

Almost done with the elFinder file manager!

I have successfully binded its results of users actions to queries in the database. After completing an action (move, delete, copy, rename) the elFinder (elf, henceforth) adds the name of the command to an array and the results to another array. I created a function that makes queries based on the data stored in those arrays. For example, if a new file is uploaded the script creates a new entry in the table with the path of the added file and the user that completed the action; if a file is moved, it changes its path and so on. This is possible as the elf has a bind option that calls an external function whenever a specific user action is completed.

I have sent the code to be reviewed by my mentors and I’m looking forward to my second commit.

My next task is to create a new page where text in images can be tagged. This is helpful in search engine indexing and will be implemented using jCrop.

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