#2 User-Interface

A month has nearly passed since the start of the FinTp project in which I managed to learn new and interesting things and complete all of my tasks. In the last 2 weeks I started to work with JQuery, which is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML, and HTML5.

First was the documentation process in which I learn how to work with these tools and also the power of JQuery and HTML5. I used them to create a user-interface witch interrogates the server, retrieves the data and displays it in a table, which had different options, such as adding a new entry in the table, deleting and editing an existing entry.

The server that I used returned the data in a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format and because I used JQuery it was very simple to parse through the data. For the pagination of the table I used a plugin named JPages which offered a lot of interesting and useful features and made my life easier.

As an environment I used Eclipse because it offers support for HTML5 and JQuery.

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