#1 Teamshare – Testing Infrastructure


My name is Victor Ciurel and I am working this summer on the Teamshare project, under the supervision and guidance of my mentor, Adriana Draghici. Teamshare is responsible with distributed file management in Teamwork, which is an easy to use, portable
system for team management.

My goal in this project is to implement a testing and benchmarking service for the decentralized file sharing system.

In my first week, I learned about the history and development of Teamshare and Teamwork. I began working on the project in a surprising way by solving incompatibilities between the tools and technologies used and the operating system on my laptop. I read the documentation to better understand the design and conventions used by Teamshare. After documenting about JSON and its implementation in Python, I started working on my first Python script for generating random user data and writing it in a JSON format file.

In my second week, I finished my script for generating random user data after many modifications. I have continued my documentation on the technologies needed for this project and I started working on a script for generating random team data and I am still working on small problems.

Adriana and I have decided on a short-term workflow for me. After finishing the random team data generator, I will skim through the existing Teamshare code and I will work on a script in Python, that will modify the users and teams data files to simulate real modifications.

Although I have some catching up to do on my work, I feel very motivated and eager to learn more and to work on my tasks.


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