World of USO – Code Refactoring (Post #1)


My name is Nicu Badescu and I am working on refactoring WoUSO’s code base, under the supervision of my mentor, Alex Eftimie. World of USO is an educational game well-known among the students which aims to improve their general knowledge about computers.

My goal is to replace some of the old function-based views with the newer, more versatile class-based views. I also have to move the logic which is tied to the model from the views.

Two weeks have passed since I began working on the project and I enjoy it so far. During the first week I went to Bucharest to celebrate the beginning of RSoC and talk to Alex, in order to get some important tips on how I should get started. I read about testing Django applications and managed to add unit tests to a feature I had previously implemented. After that, I skimmed through the code base and marked the chunks of code which are in need of refactoring.

I have set a couple of milestones with Alex and I am currently working on completing the first one, which consists of refactoring views from the games module. The basic work flow is as follows: write a test for a specific view, refactor that view, check if the test passes.

I am confident that I am going to learn a lot of useful things this summer. I’ll keep you posted!

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