FinTP – open source alternative for payments transactions

Hello, I am Andrei Gabriel Macavei and i’m working on FinTP project which is an open source version of the qPayIntegrator software from Allevo.

This is a vast project but to understand it I first have to tell you what is Message Queuing (MQ).

Most business companies or financial institution have to use some software to deal with transactions like payment bills, etc.. This category of software is called Message Oriented Middleware and it uses a messaging protocol (MQ) that allow applications running on separate servers to communicate in an asynchronous and failsafe manner without being restricted on the system’s implementation.

Messages are sent in queues which act like a temporary storage location that holds the messages to be validated first and afterwards sends them through the network. There are many and complex layers a message have to pass to be correctly formatted and comply with the international bank regulation and SWIFT standards.

If anyone don’t have anything better to do and want to know more about it , here is a link of the documentation for Apache’s ActiveMQ software we’re using.

After understanding this now I can tell you what I’m working on. Because the purpose of this project is to re-engineer the closed source product qPI, we have to make it work without using some of the current proprietary prerequisites(i.e. ActiveMQ which is open source instead its proprietary brother WebSphereMQ). The best way of doing this is to write unit tests so we can know what went wrong when changing something in the code.

The technologies I’ m working with are

  • C++ – for core engine cause it needs to be fast and with C++ you can optimize that
  • cppunit – a testing framework which is a C+++ port of JUnit framework
  • Qt – for building an appplication interface.

What we hope to achieve in the end is a modular and open source product where clients that are using this software don’t have to know all the details about how a Message Oriented Middleware is implemented and can just use it to create their own version of software adapted for their needs.

I have also discussed with my mentor Gabriel Stanciu and we both agreed on doing a GUI tool in Qt which will be configurable through an XML file. This will give users an easier way for writing configuration files.

This was my first blog post for ROSEdu Summer of Code , I hope it wasn’t that hard to diggest :)

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