First Week – Mozilla Firefox

Hi, my name is Robert Bindar and I am glad to take part in RSoC 2013.

Our project consists of two parts: the first one is a Firefox feature meant to provide a dashboard that monitors network activity and the second one is a system of histograms whose goal is to expose relevant informations about Firefox’s network performance, both of it very useful for developers.

After this summer I am confident the Networking Dashboard will be better, it will expose more information like the protocol version, TCP half-open connections and it will be more useful for developers with its new diagnostic and debugging tools.

The first week was fun! For the first three days I met with my colleague Catalin Iordache and our mentor Valentin Gosu at the university where we talked about the project, we studied the code and we also implemented some features like exposing the protocol version and half open connections.

We begun the second week with some documentation, we had a lot of questions for Valentin and the other module owners, but now we have a certain direction to make for implementing some diagnostic tools like Ping and DNS lookup.

It’s a good start and I’m confident we will stick to the plan and fulfil our mission.

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