Mozilla Firefox – The Networking Dashboard. Week 1

Hello, my name is Catalin Iordache and I am working on a Mozilla Firefox project – The Networking Dashboard, which is a project that is meant to offer the same functionality as chrome://net-internals. Some of the functionalities are already implemented, but there is more to be done. Also because Mozilla has two projects in RSoC, this means that there are two of us that are currently working, and this will be me and Robert Bindar. Valentin Gosu, who is our mentor, had the excellent idea, that it is more productive and good for us if we will be helping each other.

This isn’t my first time working on Mozilla Core code base, because I did already contribute some patches I few months back in the Upstream Challenge competition, at University Politehnica of Bucharest. I have to say that, resolving a simple bug it is one think, but working on a big project like this, it is another.

Therefore, this is how the first week went:

For three days, Robert and I met at the University and studied the code. We first looked at some functionalities that were already implemented and which are needed to be exposed later which are RTT(Round Trip time or ping time) and TTL(Time to live) and also did some documentation about SPDY Protocol and Half-Open Connections, two of the functionalities that were needed to be implemented. While studying the code, I noticed a small error, so I fixed it (Bug 887566).

After two days and two meetings with our mentor, Robert and I implemented the functionality which will allow us to display if a connection is using SPDY Protocol and also which version it is using (spdy/2 or spdy3). For this we made changes in nsHttpConnection.h, nsHttpConnectionMgr.cpp, NetDashboard.webidl and Dashboard.cpp. This changes were submitted by Robert as a bug on Bugzilla (Bug 888267).

After this, we established what I have to do for the coming weeks and we left Bucharest for a more peacefully place to work (our homes). During the weekend I did more research about half open connections and after this I set about implementing this functionality. Now, the Networking Dashboard will be able to display for every host which sockets are haf opened and how many of them there are. I filed the implementation on Bugzilla (Bug 888628).

To work on Firefox is turning up to be very addictive, which I think it is a good thing.

Have a nice day!


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