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I’ve reached a feature freeze state with the project, implemented all the functionalities that I wanted, the last one being image upload and resize. The files “uploaded” using the file API and the user can manipulate them in the browser but they are not included in the zip file because of size issues so he has to include them himself in the /img folder included in the archive. I have started cleaning up the code and looking for bugs to fix, I’m looking on improving the overall quality of the code I have written so far. I want to improve the interface if possible, I want a first time user to be able to get going with creating a presentation as soon as he lands on the page. I think a splash page is in order since right now the first impression for many might be confusing.

You can see the project in its latest version at or

I want to implement a step by step walk through for first time users. Something basic made up of speech bubbles that will move around the interface describing the basic usage of the interface so as to eliminate and confusion. Also I am going to make another screencast of the application in use.

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