#6 Vmchecker

This is my last post on the vmchecker gui project.

I have finished the “Add course” page.

The page contains a dynamically added javascript calendar for selecting the dates.

Dynamically added input forms for the virtual machines.

If all the mandatory fields are not created then the course will not be created and the user will see a message.

If the course already exists the user will be asked if he wants to configure it.

I have started working on “Evaluate assignment”.

I have already created most of the scripts. I just have to join them together and make it work.

I have thought of a method to make vmchecker more secure by getting the courses out of the public_html directory and make them inaccessible through a web browser.

I have fixed some minor bugs that appeared on the menu and other pages.


#5 Vmchecker

I have finally finished my user stories [0] and also created some enhanced user stories [1].

I have created the menus for the:

student – [2]

teacher – [3]

administrator – [4]

[0] https://github.com/cosmin1123/vmchecker/wiki/User-Stories

[1] https://github.com/cosmin1123/vmchecker/wiki/Ehanced-user-stories

[2] https://elf.cs.pub.ro/vmchecker-rsoc/menuStudent.htm

[3] https://elf.cs.pub.ro/vmchecker-rsoc/menuTeacher.htm

[4] https://elf.cs.pub.ro/vmchecker-rsoc/menuAdmin.htm


#4 Vmchecker

I haven’t really written a lot of code since my last post.

I have started working on some user stories based on the workflow I made [0].

I am also trying to implemment a login that uses a ldap server authentification and to map the roles to the usernames.

I have renamed some of the files from my project and I have also made some minor optimisations to the code.

[0] https://github.com/cosmin1123/vmchecker/wiki/User-Stories

#3 vmchecker

The last two weeks have passed very quickly.

I have made some changes to the user interface.

I have changed the menu.

It is a dropdown menu now.It wasn’t very easy for me to implement because I am  new to css.

The menu doesn’t change anymore when you access the teacher interface from the admin interface.

I have added the feature that Laura requested.

It still has some bugs that I have to fix.

You can now select the course and homework you want to work with before you start grading.

The script saves the informations in a cookie for 10 hours.

Before you start grading, when you press on “Noteaza” you have to select the course and assignment. I have added a dinamically filled dropdown too.

I have made a workflow in order to know exactly what I have to implement in the coming weeks and to get to a consensus with my teacher about the application.

I have made a better modularization of my code.

The link -  [0] , user – [1] and password [2] are the same.

[0] https://elf.cs.pub.ro/vmchecker-rsoc/login.php

[1] administrator

[2] administrator1

#2 – vmchecker

This is my second post on my vmchecker project and I can say that things are going pretty well.

I have understood how vmchecker works and what scripts are most important for my project.

I have changed a part of the user interface.

The add new course function works, but I have to add the change holidays option.

I had problems with modifying the course config file and calling the script that initialises the course storer, but I mostly solved them.

I have made a working grading system, but I still have some security issues. The grading system consists of three search boxes with suggestions.

  • The first one has to match the name of the course directory.
  • The second one has to match the name of the assignment directory.
  • The third one has to match the name of the student.

I have made a script that changes the vmchecker.vmr containing  the grader comments and grades, which will be available to the student.

It has a dinamically add text box and select, when pressing  the “Add” button. You can also  remove some of them by pressing the “Remove” button. You can view your changes in the grade.vmr file by pressing the “Vizualizare comentarii si punctaje” button.

I have also started working on the add new assignment function. I have implemented the required text inputs and a search box with suggestions that get you the course in which you want to add a new assignment.

I have added my code on github: [1]

You can also see my project on: [2]

The username is “administrator” and the password is “administrator1″.

I have also started  a documentation for vmchecker because it doesn’t have a very good one at the moment.

[1] https://github.com/cosmin1123/vmchecker

[2] https://elf.cs.pub.ro/vmchecker-rsoc/login.php


#1 – Vmchecker

Hello , my name is Didii Theodor-Cosmin and I am working on a Web-based                Administration and Grading interface for vmchecker . At the moment all the operations are made through the CLI and it requires the user to have some knowledge about linux . I am making an interface that allows even persons that don’t have knowledge about linux to use vmchecker .

My implementation will have:

  •  two types of users:

- administrator – he will be able to add new courses , ban/add users, also he will have all the rights of a titular.

- titular – he will be able to grade a student’s homework , add an user to a course, add a new assignment/

  • an user friendly interface
  • a secure login

I have spent my time trying to understand the application . It is written in google web toolkit and python . It has two types of machines : storer and tester. I will work only on the tester.

I have made a starting interface for it and set it up on swarm.cs.pub.ro : [0].

The user is administrator and the password is administrator1 for the administrator account , and for the titular account the user is titular and the passowrd is titular1.

I haven’t  implemented a lot of functions , it’s more of a sketch.

[0] http://swarm.cs.pub.ro/~cdidii/vmchecker/login.php