Week III

Hello there,

I hope you’re doing well. These weeks I’ve been busy with working on the user-interface. I finished the logical part with javascript so now I am arranging it (so a lot of CSS). Our interface should contain all the facilities that we’ve implement at the begining. I had to pay very much attention to details and keep in mind that out interface should run on every browser from chrome to IE. And one command were supported by a browser and not by other so you should keep this in mind when you work with web pages.

I have learned about gradient, invisible pixels and other things to make my interface more stylish. I have also worked on some tests for our java application for one of our resources to make it more general.



# Week II

Another interesting week has passed in which I learned a lot and managed to
complete my tasks. The first two days, I documented all that I have done in the
last week. So remember: any project requires a proper documentation.
After that the exciting part: jquery which is a multi-browser JavaScript library
designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. I had to use jquery and
HTML5 to build a user-interface which would interrogate the server with resources
(see post #WeekI). I spend a day learning JavaScript and then focusing on my tasks.

I used JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which it would be something like a
collection of name/value pairs: {obj1: [{ key1:valu1 , key2:value2 },
{ "key3":"value3" , "key4":"value4" }]}. I used the jquery to extract, process the
http response and then I put all these data in a table.
There I had to pay attention on pagination; some of the resources may return a
lot of records and we wouldn’t want to display them all on the same page. That’s
how I learned to get parameters from the URL in JavaScript and then interrogating
the WebService with two parameters /itemsPerPage;pageNumber. I used window.location.href
to get the url in JavaScript and then I split it to get my parameters. I also used
some css options for the design.

As an environment, at first I have used VisualWeb which was very cosy but there
were some problem with the server: it didn’t allow the use of the same port for
more services. So I switched to Eclipse and start working.

Now I’m prepared for a new week with all my forces renewed.
So keep calm and code! Ciao!

# Week I

Hello there! My name is Anda and here are some of my impressions after my first week working at FinTP Project. The goal of this project is to refresh the closed source product qPI into an open source application.

After a few days, I realize it will be a big challenge because we are talking about a huge product here, but I have all the willing to succeed, so bring it! I have worked by now at a few personal projects, but this experience here at Allevo is unique and the most challenging and rewarding because what I am learning from my mentors, by working on this project is going to help me a lot later. As we are taking about a real project, every little mistake counts.

For technologies, we use Java, but as a little joke this isn’t Java that I was so familiar with. Here, we have JavaEE and WebServices. I managed to learn JPA, and with the indications and good willing of my mentors I, can proudly say that I have completed my first tasks for this week.

I have used JPA, to create entities from tables ( from a sql database ).Based on each entity, I created resources were I have implemented operations for the database and after this a few tests to see if my code was running right. I have used http-dev client to check my connection with the database and to alter it , manually. I realised links between more tables and I have worked on functions to make the code more flexible.

Now, back to work. Ciao!