#3 User-Interface Improvements


In the last two weeks I have continued to work at the user interface for the FinTp project. I finished the jQuery part for the populating of the table with the entries from the data base, the pagination option, the add, edit and delete option for each entry in the table and now I am doing small improvements to the way the interface looks.

I am doing these little improvements using jQuery and CSS, and as an example of what I am doing, I had to make sure that the header of the table doesn’t disappear when the user scrolls down or that the columns of the table are resizable.

#2 User-Interface

A month has nearly passed since the start of the FinTp project in which I managed to learn new and interesting things and complete all of my tasks. In the last 2 weeks I started to work with JQuery, which is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML, and HTML5.

First was the documentation process in which I learn how to work with these tools and also the power of JQuery and HTML5. I used them to create a user-interface witch interrogates the server, retrieves the data and displays it in a table, which had different options, such as adding a new entry in the table, deleting and editing an existing entry.

The server that I used returned the data in a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format and because I used JQuery it was very simple to parse through the data. For the pagination of the table I used a plugin named JPages which offered a lot of interesting and useful features and made my life easier.

As an environment I used Eclipse because it offers support for HTML5 and JQuery.

First week – FinTp


My name is Edi Manoloiu and here are some of my impressions after my first week working at FinTP Project.

In my first week I have learned a lot of new and interesting things, some of them hard, but the fact that there was someone who explained them very well to us made it so much easier. The experience here at Allevo is challenging, but rewarding because when you see that after a hard day of word all is good and all of the tests pass.

For technologies, we use JavaEE, WebServices and JPA;

I have used JPA, to create entities from tables (from a SQL database). Based on each entity, I created resources and then I have made tests to see if they work properly.