PSKnow is an open source project meant for easy testing of wifi password strength. The most efficient way to obtain the password for a WPA2 protected wifi network is an offline dictionary attack. PSKnow aims to simplify the process of creating dictionaries and dictionary mangling rules in order to efficiently obtain the wifi password.

Project description

PSKnow has two main components: the backend and an arbitrary amount of clients.

  • The backend manages network capture files (uploaded by the users of the platform), dictionaries, rules and based on these creates hash cracking jobs.
  • The clients request jobs from the backend through an API, solve the job and report the result to the backend.

The main objective is to understand how users choose their passwords. Based on this knowledge, an openly available and comprehensive "database" of passwords can be created, with the goal of strengthening user passwords.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at

Must know

Basic systems knowledge: linux, working in terminal

Technologies used:

  • python3
  • flask
  • mongodb

Good to know

Basic web knowledge will help, but web programming is not the focus of the project.




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