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Project description

Liquid Investigations is enabling journalists working remote to collaborate securely, effectively and at low cost as well as independent of centralised infrastructures and platforms. It is now used in production by European Investigative Collaborations ( and its 14 media partners.

Liquid Investigations is a free, open-source software that’s self-hosted and bundles together index, OCR & search, wikis, chat and file-sync systems and annotations in a secure self-hosted environment. It’s scalable from cheap hardware up to enterprise grade environments.

With Liquid Investigations we are lowering the barriers for journalistic collaborations, empowering journalists towards:

  • censorship resistance by way of networking;
  • digital security during the research process (for protecting info-exchange, whistleblowers and source docs);
  • anonymity towards infrastructure admins and owners by way of not retaining search logs;
  • focusing on holding power transparent and accountable.

Must know

  • Languages: Python 3, bash, JavaScript
  • Web technologies: Django, Flask, ReactJS
  • Systems knowledge: Linux, Docker; networking

Good to know

  • Experience with hosting a Linux server (at home or in the clouds)
  • Acquaintance with CI systems: Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, DroneCI
  • Container orchestration: Hashicorp Nomad, Consul, Vault, Kubernetes




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