Wyliodrin is a Web-based development environment that allows fast prototyping of Internet of Things.

Wyliodrin STUDIO is the open-source component of the platform that allows users to create IoT projects by remote programming, deploying and controlling multiple different embedded devices at once. Without any additional setup, users can connect to devices, create applications and deploy them on the connected devices using advanced deployment schemes. They can also visualize data coming from sensors in a graphs dashboard.

Improve Wyliodrin STUDIO

Wyliodrin STUDIO was released as a Google Chrome extension. Once Google removed support of all extensions, the platform was ported to a local application via third party apps, resulting in an unstable platform. The platform is currently under development so it will run as a local application.

The purpose of this project is to contribute to rewriting Wyliodrin STUDIO as a stand alone application and to build new features such as in-app events tracking.

First steps: Get familiar with Wyliodrin STUDIO

Required knowledge

  • JavaScript - beginner
  • HTML - beginner

Good to know

  • Node.js - Express
  • Vue.js


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