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Wyliodrin is a platform that allows remote programming of embedded devices directly from the browser. The project started an year ago at the Raspberry Hack competition. It aims at helping beginners and hobbyists program Raspberry Pi like boards without any additional setup required. Wyliodrin offers the users a wide array of programming languages to program their embedded boards with just an internet connection required.

Universal pin-control library

So far Wyliodrin fully supports the programming of the Raspberry Pi board. The pin’s control is achieved by using the WiringPi library.
We need a similar library that can run on multiple boards (Intel Galileo, RIoTBoard), which will be used to access the pins. The library will be used for programming in C, Java and Python. Basically, the project consists of extending the existent library to multiple boards and exposing the same functions for all the three programming languages mentioned above.

Required knowledge

  • Good knowledge of Linux
  • Good knowledge of C
  • Basic knowledge of Python and Javascript


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