Wabbit is about connecting with people around you without necessarily using the internet. It’s amazing how often you want to talk to someone in the same room, you see them, and you don’t have their contact details.

Wabbit is creating a common ground between two people who are in close proximity. How? By introducing them to an environment where they feel safe to interact, without the usual social barriers.

Basically you see someone around you, you look them up on Wabbit, and you chat without the need for contact details or even an internet connection.

Peer-to-peer communication with devices in close proximity

You will work togheter with us on one or more of the following modules:

  • detection of devices around us using Bluetooth and WiFi Direct;
  • data transfer without needing an internet connection.
  • UI/UX
  • server (XMPP integration)

Required knowledge

  • Experience with Java or Objective-C
  • Experience with Rails, Python or Node.js

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