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World of USO


WoUSO is an educational browser game, aiming at helping the students learn in a fun way. It is developed in Python using the Django framework and consists of a core: accounting, messaging, scoring and magic and modular plug-in games such as: Question of the Day, Challenge and Quest.

Performance improvements

WoUSO needs profiling, code analysis and optimizations in order to increase the response time and overall application performance. All these optimizations must be done by passing the current tests, and ideally adding more tests for better code coverage.

Required knowledge

  • Django
  • memcached
  • Python unittest

Skill level: Intermediate.

Code refactoring

This idea requires patience and attention to details. We want to refactor our code base to use Generic Class based Views (from Django 1.3) and also move logic code from views to models. Other stuff needing refactoring are magic processing and the badges/levels system.

Required knowledge

  • Django
  • Python unittest

Skill level: Intermediate.

Contact us

For more information about the project and to discuss the problems and your proposed solutions, get in touch at:

  • wouso (at)
  • wouso-dev (at)


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