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WHC (Workflow of Heterogeneous Computing) is a software system which aims to leverage the full potential of a network (cpu/gpu/apu) through OpenCL.


Current implementation is almost complete, but there are still minor bugs or features that should be implemented. The scope would be to:

  • Improve text editor. Better syntax highlight support and auto-complition.
  • Store execution workflow on disk and restore if crash occurs.
  • Implement a logging feature and statistics for easy benchmark and profiling.
  • Improve scheduling algorithm (analyze system performance and optimize workflow).
  • Validate the IDE in both Linux and Windows (example Ubuntu, Suse, Win 7).
  • WHC IDE-Core communication.
  • WHC IDE status retrieve from WHC Core & display (network status, load, task exec progress).

Required knowledge

  • Medium C++, Qt platform.
  • Knowledge of either OpenCL, workflow systems, batch execution is a plus.

Skill level: Medium.


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