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Teamshare is a decentralized file­sharing application with emphasis on privacy, security and portability.

With Teamshare you can:

  • form teams
  • invite friends into your teams
  • store files inside your teams
  • synchronize your files on all your devices in a secure and fast way

No centralized server stores your data because synchronization is performed by using peer­to­peer technology for each group. All communication is secured and data is locally stored in an encrypted format.

Team Management Dynamics

We aim to enhance the current design with a decentralized team management layer, which is responsible for storing team (group) mappings to users and their devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones etc.).

For this purpose we plan to employ Apache Zookeeper, a highly reliable distributed coordination system. Using this system as a library we will be able to support the following features with a consistent view on all devices:

  • create teams of users
  • invite users to teams
  • manage team membership
  • link devices to users

Required knowledge

  • Basic distributed systems concepts (consistency, fault tolerance, replication)
  • Intermediate Java

Skill level: Intermediate.

Testing Infrastructure

Building a decentralized file­sharing system requires rigorous testing and benchmarking over multiple devices. For such testing scenarios libraries like JUnit are not suited.

We aim to implement a testing and benchmarking service which receives logging information over the network and performs synchronization check and measures performance metrics for each device.

The intern will work with the following tools and technologies:

  • Python
  • Java build tools: Apache Ant, Apache Maven
  • Java unit testing: JUnit
  • GNU/Linux tools: rsync, rdiff

Required knowledge

  • Basic Python
  • Basic Java
  • Basic XML
  • Basic GNU/Linux

Skill level: Beginner.


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