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We're reengineering the closed source product qPI into an open source application and plan to change our business model as well in order to build a sustainable business around the open source model.

We're hoping to generate a lot of interest around this project from various "personas" ( enthusiasts, business people, legal, ... ) so we're building a community to keep the project alive and growing.

We plan to have 2 events ( hackathons ) in May and September and get more feedback on what we're doing and finally release the application at the beginning of January 2014.

More details:

High level tasks

  • Develop opensource adapter for the current prerequisites ( Oracle, Websphere )
  • Decople the business flows from the core engine
  • Develop a new API for the business data
  • Develop a new UI ( maybe mobile ) using the new API


  • Java, JPA( eclipselink ), jersey for web development ( UI/API )
  • C++ for core server

Skill level: Junior; most certainly, senior level is also welcome


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