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World of USO


WoUSO is an educational browser game, aiming at helping the students learn in a fun way.

API completion

The wouso API is intended to provide applications an easy way to interface with our game functionality. Currently, two consumers (a chrome notifier extension, and an Android client) are using the API. Others expected as well.

Our API is at its very beginning, being designed as a REST interface with OAuth authentication. There is a need for extending this API, in order to expose more of the game functionality.

By extending the API you will make the game easier to adapt to other subjects and also facilitate the implementation of new features (like cross-faction challenges, dynamic artifacts etc.)

Required knowledge: basic Python.

Skill level: Beginner.

Question Pool Statistics

Many components of the game rely on a pool of questions, grouped in categories. We want to generate usage statistics (such as: which were the questions with the most correct/wrong answers), and also be able to browse the database more nicely. The student should propose the user interface and backend changes needed for this to work.

Required knowledge:

  • basic Python.
  • minimal web/database awarness.

Skill level: Beginner.

Facebook integration

The social part of wouso, currently contains only: player grouping, special quest team creation and seeing game notifications from users of the same kind (same group/series). Code program.

This idea asks to integrate WoUSO with Facebook, allowing users to login using Facebook Connect. Also, permit them to share achievements, game invitations, or other game-generated content.

Everybody knows how popular Facebook is nowadays and we feel that this will increase the popularity of the game and that it will also increase the players' competitiveness.

Required knowledge:

  • Web programming (preferably facebook API).
  • Basic Python (django).

Skill level: Intermediate.

Chat, improved communication

A problem with the game, raised by this year's players is the poor communication alternatives, or put it this way: it's hard to find someone who's online and willing to run a challenge.

We think that a live chat console, consistent with the rest of the interface, along with live personal messages and per group chat rooms, will improve this aspect.

This also opens doors to features such as: chat commands, message stream and notifications.

Required knowledge:

  • Python.
  • HTML.
  • JavaScript (JQuery).

Skill level: Intermediate.


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