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vmchecker is an infrastructure and application for automated assigment verification.

For checking out the application, use the web interface:

  • username: vmpublic
  • password: Vmcheck3r

Join the development mailing list for technical discussions and take a look at this document.

Web-based Administration and Web-based Grading

Current configuration of vmchecker instances is done through non-intuitive CLI interfaces. Grading is done by writting data manually in text files. We want to be able to configure and grade assignments through the web interface; there should be separate roles for teachers, students and administrators in order to expose various features.

Required knowledge:

  • basic Java, JavaScript, Python.
  • basic web programming skills.
  • experience with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is welcome.

Skill level: Medium.

QueueManager as a service

QueueManager interaction is cumbersome for the Administrator. She/He has to check the logs, restart the service etc. It would be good if it could be configured dynamically, ban users and others. At the same time, the only interaction for submission is currently done through the web interface (by actual users) or through a CLI interface for resubmitting an assignment.

There should be a local service that could be contacted remotely (login required) by users or administrators. It would by default be configured that the administrator could only connect from the local system ( This would allow users to remotely submit their assignments without using the web interface. A CLI library should be in place that connects to the service; on top of this a demo CLI client should be implemented. Remote connections can be secured through SSH-based tunneling.

Required knowledge:

  • medium-level Python.
  • basic knowledge of networking and network programming.

Skill level: Medium.


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