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Monitoring Dashboard

uberVU is working on a revamp of it's product to deliver a single page app experience (similar to or In this effort we are working on a JS framework to support our use case which we would like to open source this summer. The framework is written in CoffeeScript.

Use-case: at uberVU, we have multiple graphs that we have to monitor (e.g.: number of client log-ins, number of writes to database, etc.). Each graph has to run within some predefined parameters, and when that doesn’t happen, we need to be alerted about it. However, those parameters differ very much from one graph to the other. This is where the Monitoring Dashboard comes in.

We want to build an open source monitoring app using this framework, that would look like this.

  • the input point is Graphite, which is just a tool that stores and plots time-series
  • the user can choose to “monitor” some time series from Graphite, using some type of check (e.g.: sum of last 5 minutes is always <= 10, or last point in series is always within some bounds, etc.); the check simply says OK if that server is within the correct parameters
  • a dashboard with all monitoring services, and which are running within parameters
  • historic data of each service (i.e.: how much of the last month was is up & running)?
  • push alerts into nagios
  • extensible: it should be easy to add a new type of check just by writing a few lines of Python

Technologies and knowledge

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript (CoffeeScript)
  • Python

Skill level: intermediate


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