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HBase is a scalable, distributed data base that follows the Google Bigtable model. The project's purpose is to build a scalable data base that can maintain billions of rows and millions of columns on commodity hardware clusters. Here you can find a description of the HBase architecture.

HBase needs more powerful tools for administration and debugging. At the moment, there is a simple HTML interface that allows read-only access to some debugging informations. Also, there is a shell. The command line permits simple administration commands and data operations.

We want to extend the current implementation with the following:

  • Improve the administration interface using modern web technologies, Javascript, CSS.
  • Include the shell in the web interface, as a HBase console included in the web ui.
  • Add more metrics and administration operations to the interface.
  • Implement login and authorization features for protecting the interface.

Technologies and knowledge

As technologies, we will work with Java SE, JSP, Jamon, and JMX. The web interface will be built / improved using Javascript, HTML5, CSS.

You will learn how to write code and tests, and what it means to have your contribution accepted to a Apache Foundation project.


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