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AMP FlowChart


Development Gateway provides Aid Management Platforms (AMP) to 22 developing country governments. The AMP is typically hosted in either the Ministry of Planning or Finance and allows the government to track and report on the aid flows in the country, including projects executed on and off budget. In the AMP, projects can be implemented through a variety of donors, funding mechanisms, ministries, and executing organizations. Because of these various implementation methods, it is often difficult for the government to easily visualize how its country’s projects are being funded and executed.

The desired application would use AMP data on project funding, implementation, and execution to create a Flow Chart that allows the government to visualize the processes used by its projects. The application should allow users to filter by key fields including donor, sector, implementing agency, etc. to detect patterns in implementation plans and analyze the different project architectures used by various actors. If successful, the application would be integrated directly with the Aid Management Platform to create a live visualization using the most up-to-date data, allowing the government to view changes in real time.

Required knowledge

  • HTML5.
  • jQuery.
  • web services.


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