The 2012 ROSEdu Summer of Code program has come to a close. Check out our results page and blog!


ROSEdu Summer of Code is a frame project whose aim is to give students an alternative summer internship program

Throughout the summer, participants contribute to one of the proposed Open Source projects, while being guided along the way by members of the project's community.

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RSoC Team

ROSEdu is an organization based on a community formed by programming and Open Source software enthusiasts, in the educational environment.

We are mainly found in the Faculty of Automatic and Computer Science of Politehnica University of Bucharest and we began our activity in 2007.

ROSEdu's mission is to initiate, support and develop education based on the values of Open Source.

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  • 8 (eight) positions.
  • 4200 RON/3 months.
  • apply between the 27th of April and the 17th of May.
  • code between the 18th of June and the 18th of September.
  • work anywhere, anytime.
  • social events.

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  • Tudor Cornea The RSoC experience was an interesting one and I warmly recommend it to all those who are interested in finding out how an Open Source project is developed.
  • Emma Miric─â To me, this was one of the first projects I developed within a team, outside the faculty, and it has remained a milestone for my future projects to compare to.
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